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Memorable night – The night of feelings filled with love

2020 has passed, a difficult and memorable year with unpredictable developments of the pandemic and natural disasters, but with all the will and non-stop effort, AIT is still gradually achieving proud achievements. .

In 2020, AIT officially became a Group and owned its own office building.

Closing a memorable year, AIT Group held a year-end party with the gathering of all current staff and former employees who have once been shoulder to shoulder with AIT for the past 24 years and give each other their deepest gratitude.

The year-end party with the theme “Shine together – Break out to reach” means: Every success AIT has achieved, is the contribution of generations of AIT leaders and employees. Through many challenges, we do not falter, we become more united, strong and shining.

That night we sat here together, acknowledging the journey, seeing smiles, also seeing tears and seeing those unforgettable special emotions of AIT generations with each other. .

At the end of the party, all members joyfully shared the joy of achievements, and together shouted out the slogan, entering 2021 with the mindset to be ready to fight, ready to conquer, to fulfill the mission. bringing AIT Group to international reach.

AIT party night took place with the main activities:

  • AIT Corporate Video: Video introduction to AIT
  • Exciting party night with professional performances
  • Game Show 1: “Relay drinking beer” exciting game, heating up the night party atmosphere
  • Game Show 2: “The AIT Mark”: the moment AIT-ers looked back on their 24-year history with great emotions.
  • Lucky Draw
  • Karaoke unites team spirit

The AIT-ers had a colorful and emotional party night. Let’s take a look back at the great moments of the last event!

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