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Honda EMC (Eco Mileage Challenge) is one of the most popular and awaiting competition of Honda. This challenge has been organized for 38 years in Japan and other contries such as Thailand, China, etc. In Vietnam, after 11 years of organizing, EMC has archieved its own reputation in engineering community and become an attrative playground for youngsters whose passion for technology and engineering.

After thoroughly evaluating many bidders for this event, Honda Vietnam has officially picked AIT as its event planner for such important occasion.

On 25 and 26 of July at NCC, EMC event has successfully occurred.

Brain-storming and designing process. Pressure from expectations of a 10-year awaiting competition.

EMC is no doubt one of the biggest event for Honda Vietnam and so as for AIT. As its first time cooperate with Honda in such a big scale event, AIT is glad to have contributed to this great success and have proved its professionalism in event planning.

After 2 months of preparing, designing team and engineering team came up with a layout of 9 main areas, each with specific purpose, including: stage area, info tent, contestant tent that takes up 300 people, sponsor tent, vehicle checking area, starting point, goal, parking and race area.

All areas were designed and set-up carefully for harsh sunny or unexpected raining weather condition in July.

With the harmony cooperation among AIT staffs in different areas and training to deal with unexpected weather condition, fire hazzard and such, AIT managed to ensure the success of this event.

Especially on 26th, with the rise of Covid cases, AIT immediately came up with prevention solution to deal with unexpected situation to ensure the safety of all attendants.

Pressure from a popular competition that has organized for 10 years and from urges to create an impressive 11th event, all AIT staffs strived their best for the success of this event.

11th Honda EMC and impressive numbers

After 11 times organizing this event, Honda has proudly brought a helpful playground for 187 teams from all over Vietnam to join and compete their self-made vehicles. 187 is the biggest number of competing teams since the first EMC event.

To answer the question: ‘how far can you travel with 1 litter of gasoline?’, 187 teams had to use their creative mind and engineering knowledge to design vehicles that utilize the least amount of gasoline.

Beside, there are many other impressive numbers:

  • 187 teams from all over the nation – the biggest number of competing teams of all time.
  • 1,550 attendants including people competing/planning/sponsoring this event
  • 09 event areas and 01 racing area that was carefully and professionally designed at NCC.
  • 1158.622 km/l – impressive number for as an answer for the big question: “How far can you travel with 1 litter of gasoline?

Final results of Honda EMC 2020 annouced 13 best teams in different catagories for 3 groups of contestants: students, corperation and internal Honda Vietnam.

Ending the 11th season with many unexepected success, AIT hopes that it can continue cooperating with Honda Vietnam in the future to create many more success like this.

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